Types of industrial masking tape

There are many different types of industrial masking tape available, each offering its own unique benefits and advantages.

Choosing the suitable masking tape can help you achieve better results for the projects you work on. Whether completing repair work or painting a surface, masking tape can help you deliver quality across any project.

So what are the main types of industrial masking tape, and what are their key uses? Here is what you need to know.

General purpose masking tape

General-purpose masking tape uses a crêpe paper material suited to various tasks. This tape can be prone to breaking, but it is cost-effective and easy to use for entry-level purposes.

General purpose masking tape can be applied for basic repair work, especially for interim periods. It is also favoured for short-term painting and decorating jobs where extreme temperatures are not a concern. For example, general purpose masking tape is often used for auto paint spraying.

High temperature masking tape

High temperature masking tape is designed to tolerate high-temperature environments without breaking or damaging materials and surfaces.

High-temperature masking tape allows for clean finishes and removal, even after high drying cycles. Tape is designed to withstand heat and hot weather conditions over long periods. This tape is often used to paint cars and other tasks requiring high-temperature drying.

Precision line masking tape

Precision line masking tape is thinner than typical masking tape, with a reduced width making it suitable for masking small and curved surfaces to provide clean, sharp edges.

Precision line masking tape is often used for highly detailed and precise paint jobs, including working with small or oddly shaped surfaces. This masking tape is available in three main variants, including universal fine line tape, low tack fine line tape, and indoor fine line tape.

Delicate surface masking tape

Delicate surface masking tape is engineered with a gentle adhesive that works effectively with even the most delicate services without leaving a glue residue behind.

Delicate surface masking tape suits frescoes, plaster, wallpaper, and painted walls. It won’t damage the surface you’re working with but will still provide clean lines and effective project results as required.

Outdoor masking tape

Outdoor masking tape is designed to be used in outdoor environments. It is resistant to moisture and UV, allowing it to tolerate damp conditions and direct sunlight over long periods.

Outdoor masking tape is incredibly useful for painting houses and other exterior work. There are many different types of outdoor masking tape, with all variants supporting strength and sturdiness in sometimes harsh outdoor conditions.

Selecting masking tape

Selecting the right masking tape is important to achieve the highest-quality results for whatever project you’re working on.

The best approach is to ask yourself what do you want to achieve and what conditions and surfaces you need to consider. Then you can find a masking tape that aligns with your requirements and is well-suited to the task.

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