Top Four Places to Advertise in Atlanta

When it comes to advertising in Atlanta, the city is an ideal location to run an advertising campaign due to its position as the highest population city in Georgia. Within the bustling metropolitan area are many key sites and tourist attractions that are high-traffic spots where your billboard is guaranteed to be seen. Atlanta billboards and other out of home (OOH) advertising campaigns are successful in this well-loved city precisely because of the many opportunities for visibility. Let’s discuss more about Atlanta and where you should be placing your billboards to drive sales and build your brand.

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Reasons Why You Should Advertise In Atlanta

Atlanta is a great place to advertise for multiple reasons, one being its large number of inhabitants. With roughly 6 million residents in the greater metropolitan region, Atlanta is the United States’ eighth largest city, numbers wise. This demographic is diverse, made up of families, students, young professionals, and older adults, meaning that ads targeting any age bracket will reach their audience. 

Atlanta has experienced recent rapid growth due to its culture, lifestyle, business opportunities, and diverse career options. A common theme among the residents of Atlanta is their desire to be active in and around their city, which makes OOH advertising particularly effective. Let’s consider some of the many prime locations to place your billboard or other OOH media formats. 

Where to Advertise In Atlanta

With its many tourist attractions, busy freeways, downtown shopping and dining areas, sports stadiums, and outdoor parks, you can’t go wrong advertising in any high-traffic part of Atlanta. Yet, here are four specific locations that are ideal places to run your advertising campaign.

1. Downtown Atlanta

Atlanta is divided into six zones, one of which includes Downtown and Midtown (Zone 5). This is where you can find an abundance of tourist attractions, modern eateries, public parks like the famous Centennial Olympic Park and Piedmont Park, universities like Georgia State and the Georgia Institute of Technology, and historic sites like the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Because of the extensive options of things to do and see, advertising almost anywhere in Downtown Atlanta is a wise choice. 

Within Downtown, there are specific locations that you might select due to their alignment with the demographic you aim to target, or the sheer number of people that flow through those areas. Let’s next consider a few.

2. Tourist Locations

Within the realm of Downtown Atlanta, there are many famous tourist attractions that receive thousands of visitors each month. Ponce City Market, a 2.1 million square foot dining and shopping hall, is a popular visitor destination, as well as the connected Skyline Park which features the SkyView ferris wheel. Some other key tourist locations that are perfect for running your advertising campaign are the World of Coca-Cola museum, Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, CNN Center, and High Museum of Art. 

3. Sports Stadiums 

Atlanta is a sports-oriented city with many stadiums and arenas where the fan-favorite sports teams play. The city is the home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team, Falcons football team, Atlanta Hawks basketball team, and Atlanta United FC soccer team, along with other teams in various leagues and college sports. Atlanta has eleven stadiums, fields, and arenas, but prime ones to target for your advertising campaign are the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, State Farm Arena, Truist Park, and Bobby Dodd Stadium. Between collegiate and professional sports, athletic events continue throughout the year in Atlanta, which makes targeting fields, arenas, and stadiums a wise move.

4. Airports

Atlanta has two airports located in the city, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport and the smaller county-owned DeKalb-Peachtree airport. For the last 22 years (with a brief bump down to second place during the pandemic), the Hartsfield-Jackson airport has been and continues to be the world’s busiest airport. With almost 76 million passengers in 2021, this travel hub is an excellent location to place your advertising campaign due to the immense volume of traffic it receives. And with Atlanta being the tourist destination it is, along with the population it houses, both of Atlanta’s airports are guaranteed to see multitudes flow through them. These are top locations for transit-based advertising that you can take advantage of. 

Atlanta is a bustling city that is well loved by locals and visitors alike due to its lifestyle, culture, and business opportunities. With so much happening in and around the city, Atlanta is an ideal destination to launch your advertising campaign. Use this guide to inform your choice about which specific advertising areas are right for your brand.