The Top 10 Cosmetic Brands in the World 2021

YSL is one of the most expensive cosmetics brands in the world, and therefore it is not for the average consumer. The luxury brand was founded in 1935 and is part of L’Oréal Luxury Products. Its product lines now include luxury skincare, make-up, fragrance, and body care products. Its skincare line is especially popular, and its products have been receiving rave reviews. The company also provides skincare solutions for men, as well.

Another high-end brand, Smash box, was founded by Davis Factor, the great-grandson of Max Factor, a famous makeup designer. This makeup line was designed to stand up to the rigors of the photo-shooting environment. Its most notable product is Photo Finish Foundation Primer, which minimizes the need for touch-ups in photo shoots. It is estimated that the brand will reach $270 million in overseas sales over the next few years.

Chanel is a French luxury brand that entered the cosmetics industry in the 1970s. While it initially created products for makeup artists, it has since dominated the industry. Today, it sells in over 100 countries and produces more than 50 collections per year. Its reputation has helped it earn a brand value of $13.7 billion dollars. The brand is synonymous with luxury because of its high prices, and its products are sought after by high-class socialites.

With these rankings, the top brands are likely to be the same as the top brands of today. The brand based their ranking on the number of searches performed on Google for the brand and its products. If the market is still growing, there’s a good chance it will be among the top 10 brands of 2021. If it does, they’ll continue to be among the world’s most popular brands.