How to organize the space so that the house is always in order

Sometimes one cleaning is not enough. It seems that they wiped the dust, vacuumed and washed the floors, but the apartment still looks untidy.

This happens if the space in the house is not properly organized. In this article, we will tell you what you need to do to make the apartment look more spacious and cleaner – even if it is rarely cleaned.

Organizing is more than just cleaning

Space organization is a new service. Most people think that organizing a space is just spreading out things and removing garbage from an apartment. But it’s not.

At master classes, people are explained that the organization of space is the key with which each thing has its own place.

To organize the space, it is not enough just to put things in their places. First you need to throw out the trash. Then think about what and where it will lie, buy storage systems, sometimes change furniture.

When every thing has its place, there is no need to waste time to find something. If you do everything right, then you can not clean things for at least a whole year. Maintenance cleaning is needed every couple of weeks, and general cleaning once every 3-6 months.

But after organizing the space, you still have to maintain order: return books, hairpins, makeup brushes, clothes and shoes to their place. If you leave things anywhere, in a week there will be a mess again. If you are very carried away by the cleaning process and no longer understand what exactly you need to change in your home, take a break and relax. For example, you can get distracted by playing real pokies online.

How to start organizing space

Typically, space planners first interview the client to find out what their request is. Then they inspect the object, ask what the client wants. It is also important to take into account all the preferences of the client: for example, someone keeps spices in a certain box and does not want to change it, while someone, on the contrary, is ready for any changes.

Next, experts show the catalog. The catalog contains classic plans by category: kitchen, hallway, bedroom, bathroom, children’s room. Shown inside are 5 storage systems that are suitable for any home or apartment. The catalog also contains stores where you can buy what you need, and the average price for the product.

Working with the client on cluttering up the space. We remove what the owners no longer use. This is the most difficult stage: it is difficult for many to part with things.

We get rid of the fact that with holes, defects, carries negative memories. We throw something away, give something away or sell it. If the thing is very dear to the client, you can think about how it can be used or where to put it so as not to spoil the rest of the space.

We create a project of storage systems. With the client we make a list of what you need to buy. It can only be storage systems: boxes, drawers, organizers. Sometimes we change furniture, buy other things.

We buy what we need according to the list. There are customers who go to the store themselves and take what they need. Some give money, and specialists buy things.

We do the main work on the organization. We lay out things according to the plan agreed with the client.

How to organize the space yourself: basic principles

  • We do not take on everything at once: we start with small areas where order will be restored. It can be a separate room or a closet, even a shelf.
  • We part with the unnecessary: we remove old newspapers, papers, clothes, shoes that we no longer use.
  • We remove carpets. We leave them only where you need to zone the space.
  • If we buy new furniture: we choose cabinets and chests of drawers with closed shelves.
  • Among storage systems, we choose retractable or folding. So things will not be visible, but it is more convenient to get them.
  • We make the most of corners for storage: including the corners of walls and cabinets.
  • We use vertical space: we put or hang racks, shelves on the wall. Even 20 cm can accommodate a bunch of things.

What to look for in different rooms

In the kitchen, we remove everything superfluous to the maximum. We do not litter the countertop, we remove colorful things. We remove everything that can fit in the cabinets.

For spices in size, we select a kitchen organizer. Another option is to pour spices into identical storage containers.

In the bathroom and toilet we use the moidodyr system. We install chests of drawers, drawers and remove all things in them. If there is not enough space and there is nowhere to put a chest of drawers, we use cabinets with mirrors – they increase the space.

In the nursery, we sort all things by appearance. Separately, we clean and lay out each category in sections and shelves: toys, books, clothes and shoes.

We do not arrange a warehouse on the balcony. What we decide to remove – we throw it away or sell it, and we don’t take it to the country house or put it in the garage. If something needs to be left, we put it in boxes.

In the bedroom we use closed wall cabinets, furniture with built-in storage systems.

In the hallway, instead of hangers with hooks, we use closed cabinets. If it is not possible to buy furniture, then on hangers we leave seasonal clothes that we wear all the time. We remove the rest.