How To Improve Your Sleep

Good quality sleep plays a vital role in promoting good health and mental wellness. According to health experts, healthy adults should get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. The high cost of living and fast-paced world has made sleep quite elusive as most of us concentrate on making ends meet. Although most of us strive to maintain good physical and mental health through proper nutrition and exercise, there are times when we don’t get enough sleep, if any. Lack of and poor sleep quality can be particularly detrimental to one’s health, a reason you should look for ways to get better sleep. Here are a few simple ways how to improve your sleep. 


1. Have A Sleep Routine

The first step to improving sleep is going to bed and trying to sleep every night. Make a habit of going to bed at approximately the same time each night, regardless of the date or holidays. Find the best Sealy mattresses to buy for the best night’s sleep howitstart.


2. Limit Caffeine Intake

Your regular cup of coffee every day might be the reason you can’t sleep well. Studies show that caffeine takes at least 6 hours to leave the system. With this in mind, it would be advisable to limit caffeine intake to morning hours or quit it altogether. Avoid caffeinated beverages after 3 PM for the best results. 


3. Avoid Using Your Phone in Bed

Social media can be quite addictive. Most people will continue scrolling and staring at their screens many hours after bed. Smartphone screens produce blue light, which affects the body’s ability to produce sleep hormones. It would help if you thus considered reducing your screen brightness or, even better, don’t use it in bed. 


4. Limit Powernaps To 20 Minutes

The afternoon nap can be rejuvenating. Sleep experts, however, recommend napping for not more than 20 minutes, no later than 3 PM. Longer naps will only disrupt your circadian rhythm, making it harder to get enough sleep at night. Avoid napping where possible to improve your sleep quality at night. 

These are the 4 easiest ways to improve sleep. Try these if you have been struggling to sleep or cannot seem to sleep well at night.