Examples of Digital Marketing

When you think about digital marketing, you likely think of new and exciting ways to reach consumers. The Internet is a great way to reach a broad audience. Companies can use the tools of the internet to increase sales and create brand loyalty. Many companies are leveraging the power of their websites to increase brand awareness and sales. For example, one popular campaign from the toy maker Lego is a campaign to address global issues and connect with audiences. 89% of consumers shop with brands that share their values, and using digital advertising in this way allows them to do that.

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Some examples of digital marketing include direct marketing, which involves creating a website for a product. Often, this is done with paid advertisements or promoted search engine results. These are very effective and short-term. If there is no payment for a click, the ad does not exist anymore. However, you can use these same techniques to promote your brand on mobile devices. This type of marketing is highly effective at increasing search traffic.

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Direct marketing has always been a popular way to promote products. The Nike Stadium Shoebox was an excellent example of direct marketing, which involved a physical product that had a stadium design and included a sound effect when you opened the box. This made the customer feel special, and encouraged them to buy. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, uses the web to drive potential customers to your business. This can be done with a blog, a webinar, e-book, podcast, or a webinar.

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