4 Most Important Traits to Look for in a Labourer When Hiring

Among the 134,360 workers in Sydney, 126,887 people were reported to have been engaged in employment of some degree. With an unemployment rate of roughly over 5%, Sydney has a vast and vibrant job market welcoming prospects looking for jobs not just from Australia but all over the world. Among the people living in Sydney, roughly 65% were engaged in full-time jobs, while 25% were in part-time jobs. These statistics point to you the nature of the job market here.

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With just such a massive workforce pool also comes one of the most common issues employers face: qualitative issues. Not every candidate that walks through the interview door has what it takes to be employed in your business. Furthermore, while technical skills can be displayed through certifications or a series of tests conducted by your organisation, soft skills are a lot harder to identify in a person while carrying just as much importance to your business, if not more, than the technical ones. While approaching labour hire companies in Sydney could be one solution for you if your organisation is looking to hire, looking for candidates who display certain qualities critical to your organisation could be another.

Hence, to help you identify qualities crucial to your organisation and the roles, here are some key traits to consider when hiring employees. 

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively with co-workers and clients, whether onsite or not and convey the message they wish to convey well is a fundamental requirement. Employees who show clarity in their thinking can make a tremendous difference to your organisation. There may arise situations where you cannot attend to clients, suppliers, or anyone who plays an important role in your business. You would need someone else to fill in. Having such an employee in your team can assist you greatly and reduce your workload. 

Work Ethic

The desire and enthusiasm to work well are a trait that no employer would want to neglect. The ability to get work done and be responsible for whatever work has been carried out is a trait that separates a worker from the rest. Having employees who, at the end of each week, look back at their work with pride is something that every employer wishes for. This trait could be hard to identify to an untrained person, and if you find it hard too, you could rely on good labour hire companies in Sydney to help you find good labourers for your organisation.

Safety Consciousness

As most labourers are often employed in physical tasks, there is always some risk involved. And hence it is only natural for employers looking to fill such roles to avoid candidates who do not have a sense of responsibility towards their safety, as that may lead to several problems for the employer, the employee and the business itself. Hence, finding labourers focused on their safety and the safety of others is a highly sought-after trait to look for.


Employees with a sense of responsibility towards their work and who show up on time every other day are assets to any organisation. This is especially true for jobs requiring labourers to reach certain locations on time, as delays could cause several issues to different parties involved in a business and hamper the opportunities that were supposed to come your way in the future.

These are some of the most commonly sought-after traits that employers look for in a candidate when hiring. If identifying such characteristics is hard, you could always rely on labour-hire companies in Sydney to find good labourers to fill in jobs at your business. When you are looking to bring new talent into your business, knowing the right traits to search for in a candidate can be difficult. But with a labour-hire company based out of Sydney, or an Employer of Record Australia who specializes in overseas recruitment, finding quality employees has never been easier!